Do You Really Know Who You're Working With?
Since the answer to that question is somewhat preplexing in today's business climate, you need to be sure you are working with a trained, certified, and licensed busienss professional.  The professionals at Precise Appraisals are industry leaders who have for over 10 years been involved with appraisals.

Since 1998, Precise Appraisals has performed various types of asset valuations and appraisals for factories, resturants, construction & agriculture equipment, recreational and automotive vehicles, mechanical items, mechanical breakdowns, extended warranty inspections/valuations, insurance claims, end of lease inspections and various pre-purchase inspections/valuations.
Third Party Valuations for Insurance Company Disputes 
 Equipment Damage
Vehicle Accident Damage
State of Ohio Appraiser since 2004.  Certification #2004005459.  
Prior  Cients Included:
 Chrysler Motors
 Ford Motor
 General Motors
 Leasing   companies

Certified Equipment Appraiser
  Lenders need an equipment appraisal to collateralize a loan.
 Attorneys need an equipment appraisal to substantiate the value for their client's assets.
 CPAs need an equipment appraisal for 13 different business reasons.
 Business Owners need an equipment appraisal to obtain financing, selling or buying a business, partnership dissolution, and other business strategies.